How to write note making and letter, report plzzzz explain experts and friends.

How to score good marks in english, i am getting very less marks in this subject only

give me some tricks to answer about questions in ncert books to score good marks

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help



1.  Note making tips:

1. underline the important information given in the text.

2. Read the passage again asking yourself questions and answering them as you read.

3. With the help of the answers note down the main points. Write the points without full forms of the verbs.

4. Now go over the facts and number them.


2. Following sample format of formal and informal letters will help you understand the rules involved in writing the same:

Formal Letter:

Informal Letter:


3. Sample format for report writing is as follows:



Foe scoring good in English, it is recommended to develop a good command over the language. It is recommended that you work on your reading and writing skills. 

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