How to prepare project on elements of business environment please share information

The elements of business environment or ssimply dimensions of business environment are as follows :-

1) Economic environment

2) Technological environment

3) Legal environment

4) Political environment

5) Social environment

Write 3 pages on each which make it a 15 page project including definition, treatment, the way in which its making your work easier/tougher etc with an example each such as-

economic environment - Interest rate, income, stock market indices.

social environment - customs, traditions and religious celebrations.

technological - type of tech. used i.e. wethe its latest or traditional

legal - laws such as companies act, sale of goods act, contract act.

political - change in government policies bring a change in the rules and regulations of the business.

At last conclusiion

At last

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sir my son in class 12th kindly send me business envionment project pl sir thks
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