how do we coefficient of variation in discrete series

In the discrete series you are given the items(X) along with their frequency(F). Steps required to calculate coefficient of variation.
1.Take one value from items (X) as assumed mean that is 'A' and calculate deviation dx = X-A.
2. Muliply frequency with dx then we get fdx and add all of them to get sum fdx.
3. Again multiply fdx by dx so we will have fdx^{2} and add all of them to get sum fdx^{2}.
4. Now, calculate mean by A + frac{sum fdx}{N}( N is summation of frequency sum f )
5. Calculate standard deviation by sqrt{frac{sum fdx^{2}}{N}- left ( frac{sum fdx}{N} right )^{2}}
6. Cofficient of variation = frac{standard devaition}{mean} times 100

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