how do pressure groups influence politics ???(direct n indirect)

in simple language plsssssss.................(no bookish language)

Pressure groups are backed by the organisations that they belong to. They get the support of their members and from mass propaganda. They lobby around the legislative making bodies and try to influence them to legislate in their favour. This is how they influence politics.

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Pressure groups can help make change by their methods that they use to try and influence decision making within the government. These methods can be legal or illegal. A pressure group will try to influence the public opinion so that if they have more support from the general public the government will listen to what the majority want. A pressure group could use many methods: demonstrations, petitions, marches etc and can do this with permission or without. If one method gains more publicity than the other then there is a chance that they will be more successful. This shows how a pressure group influenced the government to change legislation.

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