How did pinochets military dictatorship come to an end ? explain

A military coup took place in Chile on 11 September 1973. General Augusto Pinochet (pronounced Pinoshe), an Army general, led it. It was supported by the government of the United States of America . Pinochet became the President of the country and ruled it for the next 17 years. From a government that was elected by the people, the power shifted to the military officers. They could do as they wished and no one could question them. Thus a military dictatorship was established in Chile. Pinochet’s government tortured and killed several of those who supported Allende and those who wanted democracy to be restored.

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it came to an end aftr he had decided to hold a referanum in 1988 if u want more refer political text book page 5

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Pinochet"s military dictatorship came to an end on 1988 when he decided to hold referendum.He was overconfident that the people would aloow him to continue in power but in vain . The people of chile voted against his reign in the democratic way itself. So Pinochet lose his designation, military and political powers.Thus his dictatorship came to an end.

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