1. how can we say that china is not a a democratic country? despite holding elections regularly after every five years for electing the country's parliament.

That's because

1. People there cannot directly elect their leaders. They do not have any serious choice.

2. They cannot criticise the government.

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  • i. In China elections are regularly held after every 5 years for electing thecountrys parliament called Quanguo Renmin Daibrao Dahui.
  • ii. The National Peoples Congress has the power to appoint the president ofcountry.
  • iii. Some of the members are elected by Army. Before contesting elections,candidates need approval of Chinese Communist Party.
  • iv. Only those who are members of this party or of smaller allied parties wereallowed to contest elections 2002-2003.
  • v. The government is always formed by the Communist Party.
  • Therefore, China cant be considered a democracy as ademocracy must be based on free and fair elections those currently in powerhas a fair chance of losing.
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how china became a non democratic country long and quick answer
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.In China election are held regularly​ after every 5 years though it is not a Democracy because:
i) Before contesting elections,a candidate needs approval of Chinese Communist Party (CCP)
ii) Only those who are members of CCP or 8 smaller allied parties is allowed to contest elections.
iii)The govt. is always made by CCP
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its because it has one party system whcih means that only a single party will contest election everytime no other party can compete due to which china can't be called as a democratic country 
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Only a person ruled in China I think so
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