how can i remember the side heading in bs

I use many tricks for learning main heads. 

I hope this helps. 

1. Make a funny diagram related to it. As people memorize better with pictures and words.
Like for functions of management : I have made dynamite for Management is a dynamic process.

I have drawn a triangle for all pervasive. 

Continuous process : I have drawn the mark of recycling. 

2.  Use first letters: 

For importance of staffing I have made "HOOCI" 

i.e Higher performance, optimum utilisation of human resources, obtaining competent personnel, continuous survival and growth, improves job satisfaction and morale of employees. 

For importance of decentralisation I have made RD,FD,CD 

1. Relief to top management. 

2. Develops initiative  among subordinates 

3. Facilitates growth 

etc etc 

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same query
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Just try making some tricks out of main heading or there is no need of cramming them up just logically think about the matter.
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plzz tell
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