How are popular struggles an integral part of the working of democracy? Explain by

giving the examples of Bolivias struggle for water.

Popular struggle is an integral part to the working of democracy because:

a. Popular movements deepens democracy, they ensure greater participation of people through meetings, processions making people more aware and vigilant.

b. They rather help in the due representation and accommodation of diverse interests.

c. They put pressure on the government making it more accountable and responsive to the needs of the people.

d. They  raise the democratic consciousness of the people, to fight in the spirit of democracy. We may give example of  Bolivia where we witnessed the power of the common people. It was a case of of political conflict that led to popular struggle, a fight for justice and fairness.

e. It involved the critical role of  a political organization   FEDECOR comprising of  local professionals, including engineers and environmentalists and it received mass support .


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