Head Master:   Please come in and sit down.
Mr. Brown:      Well, it is a good opportunity for me to know about Indian schools. It is a 
                           big school, I think. What is the total number of pupils?
Head Master:   Yes, it is quite a big school. We have 1500 pupils altogether.
Mr. Brown:      How many sections are there in your X standard?
Head Master:   There are in all six sections this year. Usually we have 4 or 5.
Mr. Brown:      Does that include an English medium section also?
Head Master:   Oh, yes three of them are English medium.
The Headmaster welcomed Mr. Brown to the school. Mr. Brown said that it was a good opportunity for him to know about Indian schools. He wanted to know if ____and what the total number of pupils in it was. The headmaster told him that there were 1500 pupils in the school. Then Mr. Brown wanted to know how many (b)____ He was told that this year (c)____in all. At this Mr. Brown asked if there were any English medium sections, to which the headmaster replied that (d)_____

a) it was a big school
b) how many sections were there in their X standard.
c) there were six sections
d) three of them were English medium.

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  1. it was a big school
  2. sections were there in his school's tenth standard
  3. there were sections 
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