harmful effects and useful effects of plastic

Harmful effects of plastic:-
1. Plastic is non-biodegradable due to which they remain as such and clog the sewer system.
2. Chemicals in plastic can cause reduction of lung function,  increased resistance to insulin and low sperm count.

Useful effects of plastic:-
1. They have a excellent finishing.
2. They have good strength and toughness. 
3. They have good shock absorption capacity.
4. They are cheap to produce.
5. It can be reused and restored over again and again.

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harmful and useful of plastic  (thousanda words)

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The harmful effects of plastic are-

It can be made of harmful components such as BPA or Bisphenol A and Phalathetes.

It can block drains during heavy rain which can cause floods.

It can be eaten by stray animal which results in choking due to which they die.

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Plastic doesnot decompose and if buried it will not allow air and water to come. Plastic are used in day tto day life for use but,Its waste doesnot decompose.It produces smoke when burn't . To prevent this we should give voice for it.

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