give the meanings of the following idioms :

1. If you got a tooth, you got a friend.

2. Rain cats and dogs

3. Beat around the bush

4. Put your foot in your mouth

5. Bark up the wrong tree

  1. it means that if we have good teeth , we can chew our food properly and enjoy it . if we eat healthy food , we will become strong , healthy and active . we will develope strong immunity to diseases and will not fall ill easily. so the tooth is our good friend.

is it correct...

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It's raining cats and dogs




"The weather was horrible on Saturday.
It was raining cats and dogs all day."

"It's really awful weather outside.
It's windy and is raining cats and dogs."


We use this idiom to say that is is (or was) raining VERY heavily.
(It doesn't mean that cats and dogs are falling out the sky!)

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can u give ans. to next also

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if u know all others do tell me.

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thats helpful
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to put foot in your mouth means that you take a risk for no reason 
to rain like cats and dogs means that it is raining heavily
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