give the economic importance of lichens

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Lichens are the organisms that are formed by the association of the filamentous fungus and the microscopic green algae or cyanobacteria.

Significance of lichens are:


  • Usnic acid, a very active lichen substance is used in pharmaceutical preparations.
  • Some lichens are processed in the perfume industry.
  • Some lichens are sensitive reagents for the evaluation of air pollution.

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Lichens are eaten by many different cultures across the world. Although some lichens are only eaten in times of famine, others are a staple food or even a delicacy. Two obstacles are often encountered when eating lichens: lichen polysaccharides are generally indigestible to humans, and lichens usually contain mildly toxic secondary compounds that should be removed before eating.There are reports dating almost 2000 years of lichens being used to extract purple and red colors. Of great historical and commercial significance are lichens belonging to the family Roccellaceae, commonly called orchella weed or orchil. Orcein and other lichen dyes have largely been replaced by synthetic versions.Many lichens produce secondary compounds, including pigments that reduce harmful amounts of sunlight and powerful toxins that reduce herbivory or kill bacteria. These compounds are very useful for lichen identification, and have had economic importance as dyes such as cudbear or primitive antibiotics.

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