give me atleast 10 examples of personal real and nominal account?

personal acc: capital,drawings,trade debtor,trade creditors,bank balance,outstanding expenses,prepaid expenses,accrued income,income received in advance and bills payable.

real acc:​opening stock,good will,trade mark,building,machinary and furniture.

nominal acc: purchases,purchase return,sales,sales return,expenses,losses,income and profit
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I want examples for
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carriage,investment account is an example of real,personalor nominal
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Personal Accounts :-  Debtor's account, Creditor's Account, Capital Account, Drawings, Bank
Real Accounts :-  Cash Account, Machinery Account, Building Account, Stock, Furniture Account
Nominal Accounts :-  Purchases Account, Purchases return Account, Sales Account, Sales Return Account, Incomes and Expenses Accounts
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Give examples of real account
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