give an account of the cimaticconditions during the period from mid september and mid march?

The mid-September is the time of retreating monsoons in India. The monsoon system refers to the seasonal reversal of the direction of winds. During the moths of May and June, the winds advance from the south-west direction to the north-east direction. These moisture laden winds arrive from the Arabian Sea are represent the advancing monsoon. The pattern is reversed around mid-September or the time of autumnal equinox with a change in the pressure conditions caused by the shifting of direct sunrays towards equator from the Tropic of Cancer. This causes a cooling of the subcontinental landmass. The differential heating of the land and the adjoining water bodies like Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean, which still retain a high temperature cause an exaggerated difference in pressure conditions. High pressure areas are formed over the landmass. The wind direction is reversed and moves in the south-east direction towards the Bay of Bengal. The dry off shore wind carries moisture form the Bay of Bengal and causes precipitation parts of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu during winter. This entire phenomenon is known as retreating monsoon.

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