Find the missing word :
  1. They reached the dam nine 
  2. in morning. They stopped in the 
  3. garden near dam and left their 
  4. food in rest room. In the garden 
  5. there several beehives. The 
  6. boys girls had their tea and went 
  7. to the dam. Water flowing 
  8. over the dam. They the sight very much. 
  9. Suddenly, there lightning and it
began to run heavily 

Dear Student,
Given below is the answer to your question.

a) in the morning
b) near the dam
c) in the rest room
d) there were several
e) boys and girls
f) water was flowing
g) they liked the
h) there was lightening

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Thank you.  

  • -1 the morning
  • 1
E.boys and girls
  • 3
F.water is flowing
  • 2
H. There was lightning
  • 1
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