Explain why law of segregation is also called law of purity of gametes?

this law explains how genes do not segregate during gamete formation. Even though the alleles get seperated to form the gametes, the true characters of that allele still remain and characters do not blend. 

eg: in crossing of pea plant, Mendel proved that characters do not blend due to the fact that we either got a tall or a short plant, we never got a 'medium-height' plant.

Although, incomplete dominance may SEEM to show character blending ( red + white flowers = pink ), it actually shows us a deviation from Mendels law, where the dominant trait is not FULLY in control over the recessive trait and the recessive trait is also pronounced. But still, we do get white and red flowers.

This means characters do not blend, or gametes are pure.

hope this answered the question!

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Member of allelic pair in hybrid remains together without mixing with each other and separate or segregate during gamete formation .thus gametes receives only one or two factors and are pure for a given trait therefore law of segregation is also called as law of purity of gametes
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A gamete may carry either the dominant or the recessive factor but not both as we find in F1 individuals. This is why it is called either as 'principle of segregation' or as 'law of purity of gametes'.
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