Explain the features of the three main factors using examples?

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It is three main sectors,as per the chapter mentioned in your query:

Primary sector:

a. The primary sector or the agricultural sector constitutes the backbone of our economy, and the major sources of employment.
b. Primary activity which is involved with the production or extraction of natural resources. It involves cultivation of crops, fruits, vegetables, raring of livestock all which are required for a living.
c. It rather forms the base for other products and commodities that are later produced.

d. It is a major source of raw material for vast segment of important industries 
e. Around 51% of the population is engaged in  the primary sector, ( 2012 data)
This sector includes activities like farming, dairy, fishing and other related activities.It makes use of land, water, animals as a resource

Secondary sector:

a.  This sector involves use of natural goods and transform them into something more valuable by the process of manufacturing. Around 22% of the total workforce is employed in the secondary sector. It contributes  26% of  the GDP 
b. This sector makes use of land, labour, capital, machinery, entrepreneurship and transform raw material into a more valuable product. 
c. This sector may include industries like iron and steel, textile industry etc. 

d. It indeed is the next step after primary, as it involves use of natural resources  extracted in the primary sector and  producing something more valuable, hence is referred as secondary.

Tertiary Sector:

 a. Service sector can be considered as the lifeline for other two sectors of the Indian economy as they they help in the functioning of both primary and secondary sectors. 
b.  Services like banking, transportation, insurance are required for the successful functioning of other two sectors. It is presently the most important sector in India. 

c. In the tertiary sector , the employment rate is 27%. For GDP, the contribution of  service sector has been  57% ( 2012 data) The service sector has maximum contribution to country's GDP.



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There are three sectors : Service sector or tertiary sector,primary sector, secondary sector
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