Explain the different stages of soil formation

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There are four stages of soil formation:

1. Disintegration of bedrock: In this stage, the thick layer of layer starts to disintegrate and very thin layer of soil starts to form. 
2. The rocks are further broken into smaller pieces by facilitation of organic materials present. There are various ways in which these rocks transform into soil-
  • Sun causes rocks to heat up during the day due to which they expand. At night, these rocks contract while cooling down. This unequal expansion during day and contraction during night break up rocks so that they form smaller pieces. Strong winds can also erode rocks down.

3. Percolation of water: Some small plants grown in the cracks of rocks, water percolates and horizons (A and C) are formed.

4. More plants grow, thicker horizons form and humus increases in amount.

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Millions of years there were very very large rocks, which broke down into small stones due to continuous erosion. these stones further got eroded and formed soil.
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