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(a) Genetic code is triplet, it means that a combination of 3 ribonucleotide is required to code for a amino acid during the process of translation. Now, 4 Ribonucleotide have to code for 20 amino acids. With one letter code, 4 codes can be generated (41), with 2 letter code, 16 codes can be generated (42​​​​), but with 3 letter code 64 codes can be generated (43).
(b) formula for this question is 20^n, where n= length of the sequence, thus in this case it will be 8.92029808e189
(c)- (a) Degeneracy of genetic code: degeneracy refers to the occurrence of multiple codes for a single amino acid. It was discovered by Lagerkvist. It helps in creating a tolerance for point mutations and synonymous mutations.
      (b) Ordered: Although the evolutionary dynamics of assigning one particular code for a particular amino acid still remains obscure, We are well familiar with the fact that genetic code is not random. The code has a specific order. At least in first 2 ribonucleotide, the last position often differs, this is known as wobble hypothesis.
      (c) Universal: Although genetic codes are widely accepted to be universal but their is always code bias, when considered from organism to organism. Code bias means, that among different genetic codes available for a particular amino acids, some codes are preferred more over others.

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