explain any three differences between ruling and opposition parties?

  Ruling party   Opposition party
           1. The party that wins the elections  forms the ruling  
   Those parties that lose in the elections
            play the role of opposition to the ruling  party.
   2. Political party that runs government.            Political party that does not run the  
  government but keeps a check on it.
   3. They are responsible for the  complete socio-               economic development of their reign and have all the powers for that.       They do not have any kind of direct                  
powers but can critise the government for its actions.
     4. They are the policy makers.     They can only criticise the government for its failures or   wrong policies.

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the party which is at the center or has all the rights to make laws and execute them is ruling party while which has got only few less votes are the oppositin.

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