{I sincerely request the experts to answer the following}

  • Name some (at least 5) famous personalities or reformers who contributed for the formation of Modern India. 
While writing about 5 famous personalities, please remember to write minimum of 7 contributions given by each  personality/reformer for the formation of Modern India. 
Please don't give any link. ​{Please also don't give any certified answer}

​I am again asking this question because I wanted to say that this doesn't belong to any chapter in the History book {N.C.E.R.T}.

You are asking for too much in one question. I am naming five famous builders of modern India and briefly mentioning their contributions.

1. Raja Ram Mohan Roy: He persuaded the British government to abolish Sati. He was instrumental in establishing modern English education in India through the establishment of Hindu College in Calcutta.

2. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar: He fought for women's rights and persuaded the British government to legalize widow remarriage.

3. Mahatma Gandhi: He led the freedom movement of India and created the method of nonviolent resistance to the British rule.

4. Vallabhai Patel: He was the first home minister of India and led the efforts to unify all the princely states into the Indian union.

5. Jawaharlal Nehru: He was the first prime minister of India. He established the basis of India as democratic secular country.

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