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2.  You have recently been in close contact with a group of foreigners who came to your country to participate in a cultural festival. Describe why they choose to come to India and record their impressions about India.

Dear Student,

In the recent part,  I had the good fortune of getting acquainted with travellers from the UK and US who were in the country to participate in the festival of Holi. My interactions with them offered me invaluable insight into why foreigners choose to come to India and their impressions of the country. India is still an exotic domain for most of these travellers, they are enamoured by the natural beauty of the country, baffled by the multitude of people and attracted by the colours of the country. The festival of Holi is a huge attraction for them, almost along the lines of the carnivals in Rio. The utter chaos, orchestrated madness and license to have fun is a massive draw. My foreign friends were charmed by the warmth of the people and the welcoming embrace of the culture but there is a lot that is missing as they have said. They were appalled by the attitude of men towards women and especially towards foreign women who are seen as loose and liable to be taken advantage of. A country like India which prides itself on its hospitality will lose out on the lucrative tourist trade if people do not learn to be civilized and treat women with due respect. 


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