elastic limit of a typical rock is 30.10 and its dencity =3 into 10 raise to3 explain height of a mountain cannot exceed 10km?

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The values provided doesnt have any unit. 

But in a general solution.

A mountain is approximately a conical body.

Thus its volume R2Hmax    Thus its weight Density(ρ)×R2Hmax×gNow when you say elastic limit, it basically tells you about the limiting stress a material can withstand beyond which it crumples.Area of the base is of the order of R2Thus Stress=WeightAreaρgR2HmaxR2ρgHmaxLet breaking stress i.e elastic limit be denoted by SBreakingThus we have,  SBreaking=ρgHmaxor, HmaxSBreakingρg

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