Draw a pen  portrait of  the protagonist of  the novel "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes?


The main protagonist in each of the stories in this collection is Sherlock Holmes. He is a "consulting detective," or what we would now refer to as a private eye. Evidently, he took Watson on as a roommate in his flat not long after beginning his work as a detective because he needed extra money. In 221B Baker Street, a compact but a well-furnished apartment with 17 stairs going up to the room from the street, he both resides and works. Even though he may have formerly required money, at the time of these stories, he is affluent enough to live well. He is so generous that he frequently doesn't charge anything for his services. His cool, analytical intellect and technique of deduction are Sherlock' defining traits and his most valuable quality. With the least bit of proof, he can come up with ideas to justify crimes. He sees what other people do not see, as he frequently reminds Watson. He thinks that every little detail matters in a case, therefore he frequently presses a client on even the seemingly least essential aspect of their story. Sherlock is happiest and most satisfied while pursuing a criminal or working to solve a complex case; otherwise, he starts to get restless and disturbed. He regularly takes morphine and injects cocaine to elevate his mood when he's having a bad day. At the time of these stories, both of these medications were accepted legally in England. He enjoys playing the violin after he has resolved a significant case or while he is contemplating. He smokes a pipe and enjoys music.

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