Do you think the measures taken by the govt . are sufficient to improve agricultural marketing ? Discuss.

Several steps have taken by the government to improve the system of agricultural marketing. Regulated markets have been introduced where the sale and the purchase of the farm products are monitored by a Market Committee. Also, the Indian government provided cold storages and warehousing facilities all across the country. Another major step taken was the introduction of MSP policy that provided the farmers with the minimum price for their crops. besides the government provided several other facilities also such as warehousing and transport facilities. However, despite several attempts by the government, the agricultural marketing suffers from several problems. The following are some of the obstacles in the agricultural marketing in India.

1.Farmers are vulnerable to defective weighing techniques and misappropriation of accounts.

2.Farmers are often ill-informed about market prices and market conditions. As a result, they are forced to sell their product at lower prices.

3.The farmers lack access to proper storage facilities to store their produce for future sell at better prices. As a result, the 

4. Farmers often lack access to agricultural credit and thereby, have to fall back on local money lenders and mahajans for credit

5. Lack of proper roads and transportation facilities obstructs the farmers to sell their produce to far-off places. 

6. There exists a large number of intermediaries between the farmer and the actual consumer. These intermediaries purchase the produce from the farmers at a low price and in turn sell them at a much higher price. Thus, farmers receive a very small share of the actual return on the crops. 

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