do you know that famous Sufi Saint & poet Kabir, was a weaver?Find out about his life & teachings?

Famous sufi and poet kabir was a weaver.find out about his life and teaching
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Do you know that famous sufi saint and poet kabir was a weaver. Find out about his life and teaching
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that all are equal men and women are also equal
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Please find this answer

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Roops door mate
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2answer a
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Rope and Door mat
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Skin of coconut is a called as coir
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The wool fibres are straightened,combed and rolled into yarn

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Ex 3a
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Ropes and baskets
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Kabir was one of the leading figures of the monotheistic movement. He believed in the idea of one God, irrespective of the names by which people referred to him. He opposed idol worship, caste system and untouchability practised by the Hindus. He also condemned the orthodox and meaningless rituals of the Muslims.
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