Distinguish between variables and attributes? 6 points with bases of distinction

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The differences between variables and attributes are:
Basis of distinction Variables Attributes
Definition Variables are the characteristics which can be measured and expressed in quantitative or numerical terms. Attributes are the characteristics which are qualitative in nature and cannot be measured in numerical terms.
Example For example- height, weight etc. For example- intelligence, honesty.
Measurement Variables can be measured in numeric terms. Attributes cannot be measured in numerical terms, we can only find out whether an attribute is present or not in a given population. 
Classification It can be classified into two categories:-i) Individual series
ii) Frequency distribution series.
It can be classified as i) simple classification or ii) manifold classification.
Marketing perspective In marketing, variables represent buyer's perspective. For example- customers of different age groups require different products In marketing, attributes represent manufacturers or sellers perspective. For example - to determine features of the product to please the customer.


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