Differentiate between social difference and social division with the help of examples.

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Social differences-

These may be based upon accident of birth or personal choices. Social differences are visible in language, religion, physical characteristics, region, ethnicity, etc. It may not necessarily lead to discrimination. On the other hand, it may even promote unity among people who are different in a particular way but similar in many other ways.

Social division-

Social division is the result of the aggregation of social differences with other forms of differences. E.g. caste based division becoming a basis of economic stratification of society. Such a situation also results in discrimination.

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  • Social differences can be across the society , within the society, among different groups. These are not institutionalised.
  • Whereas social division takes place in a society vertically and are institutionalised.

For example, caste system is a social division, and it is institutionalised by marriages.

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