Different forest stake holders are:-

  • The people who live in or around the forest.
  • Forest department which protect conserve forest resources
  • The industrialists.
  • The nature the wildlife enthusiasts who want to protect the forests.


Forest Stake Holder-

Those people who  directly or indirectly depend on the forest & its resources are known as forest stake holders.

 Different forest stake holders are:

The people who live in or around the forest

People who live in and around forests depend on forests for their day-to-day needs.
Many people in villages still use firewood from forests to light fires for cooking food and other purposes.
People use products made from timber, jute, teak, etc., which are obtained from forests.
Nature and wildlife enthusiasts enjoy visiting forests for its wildlife and scenic beauty.

Forest department
Forests are a high source of revenue for the government.
The wood pulp used in paper industry comes from forests.​

The industrialists
Tendu leaves are used in the tobacco industry.​
Timber, bamboo etc. are used as raw materials for making furniture.​
Natural rubber or latex obtained from the rubber tree is used for making many products.​

Wildlife and natural enthusiasts
play a very important role in conservation of forest and the wildlife. They support all the tasks related to wildlife conservation in the forests, especially of the endangered organisms.They love, admire and care all the  wildlife  in the forest.They spread awareness about the conservation of forest among people such as  local villagers.They use forests products judiciously and carefully to give them proper time for replenishment and also inspire others to do the same. They protect the forests from those who destroy the forests such as local people, smugglers, poachers, industrialist, etc.  
Thus, individuals, governments, and industries are rightly called the stakeholders of forests as they are the main users of forests.

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