difference between political parties , pressure groups , interest groups , movement groups , sectional interest groups

Political PartiesPressure Groups/ Interest groupsMovement groupsSectional interest groups
a. They are the organized group of people having common ideology and their main aim is to contest in elections, come to power and retain power.They are organized group of people that seeks to promote the specific interest of their group.The interest groups are also involved in movements in which they attempt to bring about a change in the social order. They can be single issue or multiple issue movements. They resort to dharnas, protests, processionsSectional interest groups which seeks to promote the interest of a particular section or a group of people like trade unions, Business groups
b. It seeks to directly control or form the government. Their  aim is to come to power.They seek to influence the party in powerThey seek to influence the government.They seek to influence the government.
c. Example,  Congress example, Bhartiya Kisan UnionExmaple Narmada Bachao Andolan example FICCI

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