difference between mangrove forests and tropical evergreen forests

Mangrove forests Tropical Evergreen Forests
1.They are found in the areas of coasts influenced by tides.  1.They are restricted to heavy rainfall areas 
2.Dense mangroves are the common varieties with roots of the plants submerged under water. 2.These forests appear green all the year round.
3.Sundari trees mainly grow in such forests. 3.Roswood, mahagony, bony trees are common here.

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mangrove forests grow in saline water
mangrove forests are found in deltas of rivers ganga and brahmaputra
found in areas of 200 cm rainfall, are flooded by sea water and get mixed with river water
have breathing roots
eg sundari

evergreen forests grow in thick forests
they are found. in western ghats, assuming, meghalaya, orissa, West bengal and andaman and Nicobar islands found in areas of. 200 cm rainfall, high humidity and temperature
do not have breathing roots
eg rosewood, mahogany and ebony
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