Difference between democratic & nondemocratic countries

a democratic country such as australia is ultimately ruled by the people. the primeminister and cabinet are responsible to parliament and the parliament is responsible to the views and expressions of the people. A democratic government has free and fair elections, universal suffrage, free religion, speech and a free media. Democratic nations have a judicial branch completely independant of the legislative and executive branch and parliament is accountable to the people. Meaning that the government is checked that it is doing everthing in the interests of the people. A democratic coountry also abides by the rule of law by which everyone is equal and everyone, no matter what status or social position, must abide by the boundaries of the constitution.

However, in a non democratic nation, rather than the legal system being based on the will of the people, it is based on the will of powerful minorities and elites within the socety. for example, Mussolini's Italy in the 1920s. He commanded complete authority and placed huge restrictions on the poeple's basic human rights. One form of a non-democratic government is authoritarian by which both political and legal control is exercised by the ruler. usually the ruler has complete control over all arms of government and the judicial system is dependant on the exacutive and legislative. non- Democratic nations have unfair elections in order to maintain their power and can usually use force to suppress any form of contradiction its ruling. Non democratic countries do not follow the rule of law and the government is not responsible or accountable to the people.


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Democratic country

The powers are vested on peoples hand

Regular elections take place

gov is answerable

The gov works according to constitution

People are give fundamental rights

and just do opposite of all these in non-democratic country

Powers are vested in the hand of an individual or groups of individual

no regular election

no rights

government is not answerable

no constitution

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