development of embryo in capsella
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Capsella bursa-pastoris is a small annual species of plant that belongs to Brassicaceae or mustard family.
The normal type of embryo development in dicots has been studied in Capsella bursa-pastoris. In this plant, the development of embryo is endoscopic i.e shoot apex is directed towards neck of archegonium. 

Development of Embryo
The embryo develops at the micropylar end of the embryo sac where the zygote is situated. The zygote divides into a larger cell called suspensor cell towards micropylar end and a smaller cell called embryonal cell towards antipodal cells.
The suspensor cell divides mitotically to form 6-10 celled structure called suspensor. The last suspensor cell is called hypophysis that forms radicle tip. The zygote divides mitotically and gives rise first to the pro-embryo, then to the globular and heart-shaped mature embryo. A typical dicot embryo consists of an embryonal axis and two cotyledons. The portion of the embryonal axis above the level of cotyledons is called epicotyl. It contains the plumule (shoot tip). The portion below the axis is called hypocotyl. It contains the radicle (root tip). The root tip is covered by the root cap.

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