Describe the voyage after the disaster in the chapter we are not afraid to die if v can all be together

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Wave walker went through several safety tests before setting out for southern part of Indian Ocean. But on the way they met with some peril. 
When the wave walker first set out, the sea was calm and quiet. The journey was pleasing. However, on their second day in Cape Town they began to run into strong windstorm which grew worse day by day. On the second of January the waves became gigantic and it was an ominous sign. A hostile silence was prevailing in the atmosphere. The wind went down and the sky grew dark. It was a small ship and so they tried to control its speed in the face of those catastrophic waves. It was cloudy and number of those enormous waves increased. Due to the wave’s enormity, it rose to great height vertically and crashed on the deck of the ship. The waves tossed and crashed on the deck of the ship repeatedly.  The narrator lost his stability and was knocked down. He hit the wheel and fell unconscious. He was thrown in the overboard over and over again, due to the waves and so was wounded very badly. His ribs cracked and blood started coming out of his broken teeth. All the members tried to pump out the water but to no avail as the pump got blocked due to the debris. Luckily the narrator remembered about a second electric pump which was under the chartroom. They took the help of second electric pump. They all were injured severely after this occurrence. Their ship was in a wretched condition. However, they were not afraid. They faced the situation with deft hand and thus came out alive.  

On January 4, they breathed a sigh of relief after having survived 36 hours of continuous pumping. However, their relief seemed to be quite short-lived because by evening that day the sea again witnessed bad weather. This is the turning point of the story when we see the author consoling the children. It was quite amazing that the children exclaimed ...we aren't afraid of dying if we can all be together. This led to the building energy and enthusiasm inside a very extremely fatigued writer. He decided to heave and fight the sea.

Next day saw a very bright morning. He was welcomed by his children who exclaimed You are the best daddy in the world. He rushed to the deck and to his amazement, gazed at the stark outline of Ile Amsterdam. It seemed to him to be the most beautiful island in the world. They anchored off shore for the night and then were welcomed by the 28 inhabitants of the island the next morning. All along, the only thing which filled the writer's mind was the undeterred courage which his wife Mary showed, his daughter who didn't worry about her head injury and his son who wasn't afraid of dying.

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