Describe the value of freedom for the human beings and how it is important for the growth of civilisation and humanism as described in the lesson 'Nelson Mandela; Long Walk to Freedom'.

It is quite true freedom is as essential as air we breathe. If you have freedom, you can create any anything; but if you don?t have it, life appears hard struggle. If a man has all the luxuries but no freedom, those luxuries can't make him happy. On the contrary if he has less luxuries, but complete freedom, he will be happy. Freedom is life. Without freedom life is worse than hell. ?

Life is all about man attaining freedom. In the past man lived in various types of slaveries. In the Stone Age he strove to achieve freedom ignorance. He learnt to make fire, shelters, clothes, etc. Then with the formation of human societies, various ills such as discrimination on the basis of caste, color, creed, and financial status arose. Then men fought for political, social, and financial freedom. ?

Nelson Mandela had to fight war against racial discrimination. He felt choked as he grew up. He had to face discrimination at almost every step. Finally, his struggle bore fruit; he created history when he was elected as the president of South Africa. It is for freedom that he dedicated his life. ?

Similarly man?s quest for total freedom is going on. Challenges such as fatal diseases, pollution, advancement of science and technology stand as unconquerable mountains in front of him. Man must work harder to be free of all types of bondages. Only then he can say he is truly free. He is busy making strategies to overcome them. Freedom is essential for man?s happiness. Without it man?s life is meaningless.
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