Describe the differences and similarities between movements in Nepal and struggle in Bolivia.

The differences are:

  • One basic difference between the movements in Nepal and Bolivia is that the role of popular struggles does not come to an end with the establishment of democracy as in case of Nepal. 
  • Second difference was that in case of Nepal , the parties got together to avert monarchy but in case of Bolivia, the struggle was against Multi national companies.

The similarity was:

In case of both Bolivia and Nepal,  it was the people's movement, the involvement of people from middle classes.

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Hi mridul.

The difference between popular struggles in nepal and bolivia

  1. The movt in Nepal was to establish democracy, while the struggle in bolivia involved claims on an elected democratic govt.
  2. The populart struggle in bolivia was anout one specific policy 1e privatilsation of water while the strugggle in Nepal was about the foundation of the country's politics.
  3. The protest in Nepal ws led by a political party, (SPA) while in bolivia it ws led by a pressure group(FEDECOR)
  4. The impact of thse struggles was at different levels. The impact of the struggle in Nepal was for the entire world, while in Bolivia it was only for the citizens of the country.

Despite these differences. similaritiies also exist, theya re

  1. Both are instances of political conflict that led to popular struggles
  2. in both caes the struggle involved mass mobilisation. Public demonstration of mass support settled the dispute.
  3. Both struggles involved critical role of political organisations, oe political parties in Nepal and pressure group in Bolivia.

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