Define primary and secondary data?

Primary Source of Data: The data that is collected by an investigator himself to carry out a specific research is known as primary data. Such data is collected by the investigator from the original source of information. It gives the investigator a first hand information relating to his study. For example, data regarding the fees charged by various private schools can be obtained by conducting a survey among students and asking the fees charged by their schools. Since the investigator himself collects the data according to its needs and requirements such primary sources of data forms a reliable and accurate source of data.

Secondary Source of Data: Under the secondary sources of data the information is collected from other sources that already posses the required information. Data collected from such sources is not original as they are not collected by the investigator himself rather by somebody else in the past. The secondary sources of data can be in published form or in unpublished form.

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The PRIMARY data is the DATA collected by the enemurator ( eg: if you go to your neighbour and directly collect the data) 

The SECONDAY data is the DATA which has been already collected ( eg :  if you go to the government offices you will have records of many data which u may use in your collection .ANOTHER eg:  collection of all information about you favourite actor /actress from a blog or any other website :) 

hope u gotcha :) 

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the primary data is collected by the investigator himself and the secondary data is collected by any person

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primary data is collected by the enumerator directly and secondary data is collected already.

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Primary data is a data which is collected in first time. 

Secondary data is a data which is already collected by others.

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