define floral diagram and floral formulae.


floral diagram is the diagrammatic representation of the parts of the flower in a systematic manner.

Information provided by a floral diagram is as follows:
1.  Number of parts of a flower
2.  Arrangement of the parts of a flower with respect to each other
3.  Relation of the parts of a flower with each other
4.  Position of the mother axis with respect to the flower (represented by a dot on the top of the floral diagram)
5.  Calyx, Corolla, Androecium and Gynoecium are drawn in successive whorls, with the calyx being the outermost and gynoecium being the innermost.
6.  Also shows cohesion and adhesion of the parts of whorls and between whorls.


The system of representing the structure of a flower using specific letters numbers and symbols is known as floral formulla.

 Floral formulae are represented by symbols; some of them are,


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Floral formulae:- arrangements of parts of flowers with each other alongwith the numbers n symbols. it is as follows:-

Br- bracteate, K- calyx, C- corolla, P- perianth, A- androcium, G- gynoecium, Gwith a desh below it -superior ovary, G with a desh over it- inferior ovary, enclosing figures with brackets- fusion, line drawn over symbols of floral parts- adhesion..etc.

4 more symbols n digram, refer to he given link.

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