Define ::
1:) Normal species
2:) Endangered species
3:) Vulnerable species
4:) Rare species
5:) Endemic species
6:) Extinct species

Normal species are the species whose population levels are considered to be normal for their survival, such as cattle, sal, pine, rodents, etc.

the endangered species are the species which are in danger of extinction Black buck, crocodile, Indian wild ass, Indian rhino, lion tailed macaque, etc., are examples of endangered species.

vulnerable species are those species which are at the stage of being endangered is that they are at the point of extinction.Blue Sheep , Asiatic elephant ,Gangetic Dolphin,etc are example of rare species

Rare species are those species that are uncommon , and not abundant.Giant otter ,Black footed ferret,etc are example of Rare species

Endemic species are those that exist in only a one geographical region i.e these species are found at a particular place, continent etc

Extinct species are those that are no more and cannot be seen in future again i.e they are all dead.Dudo , Great Auk ,etc


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