Dear experts can you please answer this for me :

Kiran Chandra a staff reporter with Daily Hindustan in Agra reports a road accident involving a lorry and a 
Maruti car write his report including details of the number of people injured and the extent of damage caused to the colliding
vehicles, in about 150 words.

Such questions need to be attempted on your own to test your creative writing skills. However, these points might help you elaborate:

- There was a horrific accident on National Highway 8 on the morning of 5 January, 20xx.

- A lorry tried to overtake a Maruti Alto car from the wrong side and rammed into it instead!

- The driver of the lorry was in an inebriated state and under the influence of alcohol had been driving rashly.

- The impact sent the car flying and it landed upturned on the road.

- The windscreen and windows of the car were shattered and the body was twisted beyond recognition.

- Bystanders called an ambulance that responded immediately.

- Unfortunately, all the occupants of the car. including two male adults, one woman and a child, were killed instantly.

- The driver and cleaner of the lorry are absconding.

- The police recorded statements of eye witnesses and is on the lookout of the absconding driver and cleaner.


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