"Coordination is not a separate function of management . It is the essence of management ". Explain with the help of a suitable examples.

coordination is the force that binds all the other functions of management. it is common thread that runs through all activities such as purchase, sales, production and finance to ensure continuity in the working of the organization.

it is however, the essence of the management for achieving harmony among individual efforts towards the accomoplishment of group goals.

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Cordination is not seperate function of management, it is essence of management. Explain this with the help of suitable example
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There is no function of management which can be accomplished in the absence of coordination or which does not make effort to establish coordination. Inlict and inheritat in all functions of management in the following manner:- 1.planning: While performing the function of planning coordination forms the centre of opposite the thinking of a manager planning is undertaken keeping in mind the various activities being performed by the different departments in an organisation 2.coordination and organising: while performing the function of organising the manager has to make a first established coordination amongst the various department as well as the various people working in the same department. 3. Coordination and stopping even while performing the function of stopping the manager is also concerned about coordination it is his effort to fill all the position with capable and experienced people so that the various activities of the business may proceed without any hindrance 4.coordinwation and directing : while performing the function of directing a manager gives tube priority to coordination by issuing Orders and instruction to sub ordinate he has to keep in mind that that will have on the other people and he should make all efforts to avoid any search adverse effect
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