comment on"Management as a Profession- A Trend"

Today, management is being increasingly recognised as a profession. Similar to other professionals such as doctors, engineers, chartered accountants; managers are also highly rewarded and well-remunerated jobs. In today’s scenario, it is said that for a firm to be successful, proper management of resources is of the immense need. With the growing size of the business and increasing degree of competition, organisations today have realised the need for well-qualified and experienced managers. Proper management ensures smooth functioning of the organisation with judicious use of both time as well as its scarce resources. Moreover, now-a-days the consumers have become well-aware of the upcoming technology and market scenarios. This further adds fuels to the cut-throat competition among the business houses. In this regard, the managers help an organisation to enjoy upperhand on their competitors and simultaneously, facilitate in earning goodwill.

In response to these scenarios, various management institutes have come up into existence. All these circumstances make management as an economically gainful employment. As a result of this, management courses are now being one of the most demanded courses among the students.



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