Check this please!!!

Check this please!!! Exercises Rearrange words to make proper phrases. new system 2. businessman hornble greedy 3. student arrogant middle-class nice our teacher French 5. wooden dark table long dark...wæryzc... BUD. 6. empty water three bottles 7. blue big cotton tie 8. cardboard flimsy green box

Dear Student,
Given below are the answers to your questions.
  1. Perfect new system
  2. horrible greedy businessman
  3. arrogant middle class student
  4. our nice French arts teacher
  5. long dark wooden table
  6. three empty water bottles
  7. big blue cotton tie
  8. flimsy green cardboard box
I hope you find this answer helpful. Please post more questions on the forum to be assisted by our team.               
Thank you.

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its cporrect and your writting is very bad
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Tell the ans of 4,th shourya and do not copliment statement OK!!!!????????????
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And correct the spelling of CORRECT!!! HA HA HA....??
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