Character sketches of the charactrs in the chapter the tiger king

You can use the following points to construct your answer; character sketch of the Tiger King-

-seemed promising initially but traces of excessive pride also present from the start. As a few days old baby he challenges the premonition.

- Very brutal as he not only killed a large number of tigers but also kept their skin as a boastful display of his "bravery". Almost brought the species to extinction.

-Though he was brave to have faced so many tigers single-handedly, it all was because of a personal belief and inconsequential to public good.

-He was superstitious to have believed in the premonition and contradictorily, attempted to refute it in every way possible.

-Very materialistic and uncaring. Married for the hunting grounds and forced strange rules and taxes on his people. Also recklessly spent a lot of money to buy jewels for the official's wife inorder to appease the official, all for the fulfillment of his personal aim. Therefore, draining people's money for personal reasons.

-Self-obsessed. Wanted everything to work around him, for him. Any kind of denial was unacceptable. He threatened to fire people if his wishes were not fulfilled.

Character sketch of Dewan:
The dewan was an acolyte of the Maharaja's, he knew the power he commanded over the latter and used it to its fullest advantage. The dewan comes across as corrupt and opportunistic. He was a clever man, married to two wives at the same time and quite a fixture in the Maharaja's court  

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