character sketch of intruder

Intruder is the main culprit of the story who tries to steal the identity of Gerrard, who is smart and a clever minded person. Gerrard was an intelligent man who trapped the intruder and got him arrested by the police. Intruder was a murderer and he also used to rob things. 

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Intruder was a criminal who also had murdered a person
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Intruder was fooled by wise and gentle man ''Gerald". Intruder was a mass murderer and has done many crimes before.
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The intruder is a villainous scoundrel, a confirmed criminal who makes intriguing plans to dodge the police. He has evil intentions and crafty plans to achieve his aims. Cold blooded and cruel as he is, he does not hesitate from murdering innocent people for his selfish gains. But his wickedness cannot sustain him for long. The intruder is a criminal who has been eluding the police ever since he killed a cop. Having no sense of remorse for the crime he has committed, he is further sinking in the mire of criminal activities. Over-confidence makes him feel that he has made a brilliant plan of murdering Gerrard and escaping the law by impersonating him. However, he is soon outwitted by Gerrard and he unsuspectingly walks into the latter’s trap. All his tall claims about his intelligence prove to be hollow. This heartless and hardened criminal meets a befitting end.
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