Change these sentences into active voice 1)His words must not be taken too seriously. 2)Let various jobs be handled by students independently. 3)Let my bags be carried to my room. 4)High quality apples have been used to prepare these jams. 5)Can the residents' problem not be solved by MCD? . 6)Was the whole show being managed by a professional agency. 7) What steps were taken to keep the documents safe.

1)Don't take his words too seriously.
2)Students can handle various jobs independently.
3)Carry my bags to the room.
4)These jams were prepared by using high quality apples.
5)Can't the MCD solve the residents' problem?
6)Did the professional agency manage the whole show?
7)How were the documents kept safe?

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Change to active high quality mangoes have been use to prepare these

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You You are not accepted to do it alone change into active voice
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These jams and pickles have been prepared by high quality mangoes
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The cook/person has used high quality apples to prepare these jams. *The phrase "The cook" or "The person" has to be used for writing the answer.*
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