Can u explain me  Liquefaction of Gases?

We know that out of solid, liquids and gases, gases are the most compressible due to large intermolecular spaces between the particles of a gas. A gas on being compressed will condense into a liquid, as the constituent molecules will come close to each other. 

A gas can therefore be liquefied by increasing its pressure and decreasing its temperature. Following are the conditions that are defined when considering liquefaction of gases

  • Critical temperature (Tc) − the temperature at which a gas can be liquefied

  • Critical pressure (pc) − the pressure of a gas at critical temperature

  • Critical volume (Vc) − the volume of 1 mole of a gas at critical temperature

  • Isotherm of carbon dioxide is shown in the figure.

  • Critical temperature, critical pressure and critical volume are called critical constants.

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