Can I get the summary of ​"Grandma ​climbs a tree" Can I get the summary of

The poem 'Grandma climbs a tree' by Ruskin Bond outlines the poet's grandmother's love for climbing trees. The poet calls his grandma a genius as she could climb trees since a very young age and her passion continued till the ripe old age of sixty two. She was always happier in a tree than in a lift. The family kept telling her to stop climbing trees as she grew old or she could fall and hurt herself. people kept telling her she needed to age gracefully, though she preferred climbing trees even if that meant ageing ungracefully. One day, she climbed a tree when the rest of the family was in town and could not come down. After her rescue, the doctor advised her bed rest. the family was relived but , for grandma, it was like living in hell. She asked the poet's father, her son, to make a tree house for her. the poet helped his father construct the tree house. Grandma moved into the tree house and was happy living there. The poet enjoyed a glass of sherry with his grandam every day in her tree house after that day.

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Check the summary available in meritnation revision notes.
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