Bring out the need for on-the-job-training for a person.

Training refers to the act of acquiring skills, knowledge and competency required to perform a particular job efficiently and effectively. On-the-job training is the most effective kind of training to a trainee, imparting him the technical skills and know-how at the actual work site. In this type of training, a trainee is assisted (or hands on) and trained by a trainer (usually by an experienced employee), when the trainee is actually doing the job. This helps the trainee not only to acquire the theoretical and practical skills simultaneously but also enables him to learn from the experiences of his trainer, thereby, can increase his efficiency and productivity. This is the most common type of training programs because the returns in terms of increased productivity far exceed the cost of the training. Thus, the expenditures on such training improve the quality of human capital by enhancing its productivity, efficiency and income earning capacity.

The need for on the job training has been highlighted in the following points:

i. On-the-job training is the most common method to train freshers or new employees.

ii. This type of training helps the trainee to acquire the theoretical and practical skills simultaneously.

iii. It enables the person to absorb values, norms and standards of an organisation within the organisation because the employee sees them in everyday action.

iv. As it is done under the supervision of a skilled or experienced worker, the trainee can learn from the experiences of the supervisor.

v. It is a cost efficient method as the benefits accruing in terms of higher productivity outweigh the expenditure incurred on such training.

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