briefly explain the policy reforms introduced n the agriculture sector of India during 1950-1990 

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During the colonial rule till 1947 there was no growth in agricultural sector in India . The revolution in India agriculture was brought about by land reforms and Green Revolution by policymakers in India . Intermediary system was abolished . Zamindari , Talukdari system was tried to be uprooted . The policy of providing incentives to the actual tillers of land was followed . If tillers of the land was given ownership of the land then they would have more incentive to cultivate and hence production will rise leading to more profits . Abolition of tenancy system would also bring farmers in direct contact with the government . Although the legislation had many loop holes but still exploitation of farmers by intermediaries was reduced to a certain extent . Next came the phase of Green revolution in the 1960s . New High Yeilding Variety seeds were introduced along with new technology with increased the agricultural production to manifold . At first the revolution was confined to a fewer states but then it gained momentum in 1970s and spread to other states . By 1990 India had became almost self - sufficient in food grains . But the proportion of population dependent on agriculture did not decline .

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